You Are More Than A Fundraiser. You Are A Mission Maker.

Imagine if you could confidently build relationships to see large scale donations flow to support your critically important work...

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The 5 Keys to Fundraising That You'll
Learn In The Raising Change Masterclass

Shift How Your See Your Role

You are more than a fundraiser. You are driving the mission for social change. You are building community and cause.

Clarify Your Funding Model

How do you know you’ll fund your objectives? Do you know your target donor profile? Can you answer questions about it?

Develop Your Shared Story

Weave the donor’s passion into the organization’s narrative, making the ask relevant to the donor.

Build Authentic Relationships

Create trusted, values-driven relationship that transform the donors experience and brings them into the fold.

Create A Transformational Invitation

Know exactly when to ask and how much to ask for with grace and unwavering confidence.

Taught By Kathy LeMay

Kathy has raised money in war-zones, during economic collapses, and during times of great political unrest. Her track record in social change is impressive, raising 175 million over the last 25 years. She advises the UN and Fortune 100 CEOs.

And now Kathy has developed an exclusive training program based on the 5 keys, so change-makers can gain the tools necessary to have unprecedented success in their fundraising careers.

Feel More Confident About Your Fundraising

If you want to raise more money, feel more confident in fundraising, tackle stress and burnout head on, discover new ways to enroll and engage donors, understand new trends in philanthropy and what these mean for you, and simply know when it’s time to ask for a gift, this program is for you. Apply now for next quarter's consideration.

Get Access To An Incredible Donor Network

After you complete the program, you can practice your skills with Raising Change’s network of high net worth funders, who will help hone your fundraising story. Improve your approach and build your network. If you apply what you'll learn in the program, these donors stand by ready and willing to help you change the world.

How The Program Works

We've created a program that will forever change the way you see fundraising and help you become one of the top social change fundraisers in the world. Here's a look at how the program is structured:


Live online group coaching from Kathy LeMay. Interactive Webinars and Guest Interviews. Learn the techniques of the world's top performing fundraisers.


Workshop your new skills with other program participants and test them out in the real-world. Begin your transformation from "fundraiser" to "mission maker."


Once you've become Raising Change Certified, we'll introduce you to our network of high net worth donors who are ready to partner with compelling mission makers.

Download The Program Overview

This document explains everything about how the program works, what you'll learn, and how to join. Click the document on the left to open. If you have questions, simply contact us.

What People Are Saying About Raising Change

Kathy LeMay is a game-changer. Her counsel on effective fundraising is brilliant and eminently practical. Her unique value proposition: she understands the fundamental underpinnings of why people give, and can translate that into specific action items. I always walked away from our conversations with new insight and 5 new ideas to approach our goals. She always suggests thoughtful, concrete next steps - but also absorbs the client organization's DNA and thinks creatively around it. Kathy is a rare talent who shares her wisdom generously. I recommend her without reservation!

Kathy deeply impacted me in just one consulting session. The agenda was coaching on values-led philanthropy for social change. What I did not expect was how much Kathy helped me tap into my inner story-teller, with utmost authenticity. She drew a connectivity out of me that I hadn't been able to access before, encouraging me to share myself fully within all stakeholder relationships. I recognize and value building these relationships with care and love at the forefront, so her approach immediately resonated and called me forward into my leadership. Thank you Kathy, for helping me to find my voice.

When I shifted over a year ago to a front line fundraising role in a complex global organization, I called on Kathy to coach me as part of my onboarding. She helped me navigate a tricky new set of challenges and set the course for success. We have not looked back since and just closed our most successful fundraising year, increasing donors by over 10% and dollars by a third over last year. She has always helped me find ways to connect my work to the hearts of the donors, ensuring that we appeal to our common humanity, not just the data.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the dates for the next programs?

  • Masterclass 2018 Cohort 4 starts on November 5th

2. What is the time commitment for the Fundraising Masterclass?

TThe webinars are 1.25 hours each, usually once per week. In between webinars, we provide up-to-date reading materials and exercises to hone and refine your skills building. And of course, you'll have 24/7 access to the peer-to-peer message board, Resource Center and Blog. Plus, bonus videos and podcasts to improve your confidence and help you become a world-class fundraiser.

3. What is the format of the interactive lectures?

The interactive webinars are live on Google Hangouts with Kathy LeMay and the rest of your cohort. There is a 30 minute lecture, followed by 45 minutes of Q&A with Kathy and peer-to-peer workshopping.

4. What happens if I miss a lecture?

Don't worry, we've got you covered! All lectures are recorded and will be archived on the platform. We know that important things in life happen such as board meetings, busy fundraising weeks or just needing a break. To maximize your learning experience, we do ask that you attend at least 80% of the lectures.

5. Who are the others participating in the cohort and what are their roles?

The Masterclass cohort includes Executives Directors, Vice Presidents of Development, and Directors of Philanthropy. Each person participating plays a critical role in building relationships and raising funds from a portfolio of donors. The cohort has been fully vetted by Raising Change. Participants have at least 3-5 years experience in social change fundraising and ready and motivated to become world class fundraisers.

6. Do you have any tips that can help me get the Masterclass funded?

“Gold Mine of Wisdom, Skill and Connections”

Kathy is a diva as a philanthropist and fundraiser. She starts with empathy and understands the motivations of both sides of this indispensable partnership. For those seeking to propel their organizations and causes forward from staff or board roles, this coaching course will be a gold mine of wisdom, skill and connections!

Karen Ansara

Co-Founder & Chair, New England International Donors