These tools are designed especially for YOU. 

I've taken my decades of experience and expertise and distilled them into tools you can use in your everyday.

These tools are what I offer our top clients from around the world.

Now, they are YOURS.

LISTEN, WATCH & DOWNLOAD these blueprints to help you raise more money, or think more thoughtfully about your unique role in social change.

Fundraiser? Download a free blueprint to help you build a donor community to support your cause. Listen to one of our podcasts to keep you motivated and avoid burnout.  

Leader of an organization? Download blueprints that teach you how to INSPIRE LEADERSHIP in others. Listen to a podcast for inspiration. 

Philanthropist? Download the blueprint to teach you how to be more effective in your giving. Listen to a podcast to find your PASSION AND PURPOSE. 


Documents to help you map meaningful fundraising events, build donor communities to raise more money, and unleash your own change agency. Each template is designed to be a solo activity, strategy session or conversation starter. 

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Beautifully told stories from the field you can listen to and play back as you move through each day in your work as a social change-er. Each podcast is designed for you to download and share with your colleagues to keep yourself motivated in this work, day by day. 

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